The Other „Must Have” Teddy

No wardrobe is complete without a teddy. A bit of history helps to add to the glamour of owning a teddy.

The name of this garment comes from its inventor, Theodore Baer. It is fortunate though that the original teddy combined from a chemise and panties is no longer made from coarse materials of the Victorian era like wool.

Today’s teddy is a tribute to the artistry of fashion designers who choose designs, colors, styles and fabrics that are fantastic works of art.

A teddy is part of the lingerie wardrobe that emphasizes feminine desire to be sexually alluring. A sexy teddy sends the right message to the wearer who feels a total sense of glamour and fashion-conscious self assurance.

Teddies on Parade

Teddies need not be worn solely for intimate moments between a couple. Worn beneath a business suit, only the wearer knows how lovely that black, white or red lace teddy makes her feel.

What is worn on the outside may be conventional, but the wearer of a sexy teddy knows what is worn underneath conventional „must wear” business fashion is an adventurer who loves unbridled freedom of choice.

When it is time for self expression in milady’s boudoir, that’s when true unbridled freedom of choice means less is more in a strappy style teddy, a crotchless teddy or white lace teddy strategically designed to make the observer beg for more.

The Nice Thing About a Teddy Wardrobe
Feeling sexy is a normal human expression of self. It is also a sense of being comfortable with one’s size and shape. A teddy makes any woman look and feel sexy whether she is a size 2 or a size 16.

To experience a sexy teddy is to enjoy that special softness that makes a hard day at the office disappear.