The G-String Versus the V-String

When many people think of the thong, they just think of a sexy thong with minimal coverage. Sure, erotic thongs are great for enhancing your love life and making you feel sexy. They can complement any great derriere. However, there are more types of thongs out there than many people realize. There is more than just one type of thong, but the most quintessential types that come to mind are the G-string and the V-string.

Both of these types of thongs feature a string connecting their fronts to their backs. Both of them also feature a patch of fabric at the front of them to hide your most private parts. However, they do differ in how much coverage each offers in the front. The V-string offers a bit more coverage than the G-string, and part of that is because the strings that reach around to connect the front of the thong with the back begin sooner on the G-string than the V-string.

The V-string also offers a bit more coverage in the back as well. Whereas a G-string simply has connecting strings that align up the rear, the strings of the V-string connect to a patch of fabric that sits above the butt cheeks. A string runs down from this tiny piece of fabric along the rear to connect the back of the thong to the front. While the tiny patch of fabric on the back of the V-string thong offers little coverage, it does offer more than the G-string, and it gives designers the opportunity to utilize that space for a design. For instnace, some V-strings might have a cute phrase or graphic emblazoned on this part of them.

Both the G-string and the V-string have practical purposes too. They’re great to wear under clothing when you don’t want a pantyline to be showing.