Selecting a Chemise

When it comes to sexy chemises and sexy nighties, there are plenty of options available on the market nowadays. With so many styles and types out there, it can be overwhelming even knowing where to start when you begin your hunt for the right one. Considering the following factors will help you select the right chemise for your needs.


Consider the purpose of why you want a chemise. Do you simply want one to wear as a functional piece under your clothing, or do you plan on wearing one to increase your sex appeal to a lover? Do you want to wear the chemise as a standalone item, or are you going to wear it as lingerie?


Chemises are made out of many different types of materials nowadays. You can find in Obsessive simple cotton chemises as well as ones made out of silk, satin and even velvet. Although most chemises are generally thin and lightweight in nature, you can find some that are more see-through than others.


There are numerous styles of chemises, such as those that are short and made like shirts and those that are a bit longer and made like a babydoll or shift to be slept in. There are simple chemises that feature no adornments, and then there are those that are riddled with lace, bows, buttons and other pretty trimmings. Decide what style you’re looking for.

Colors and Patterns

Chemises come in as many colors and patterns as there are imaginable. You can find colors in every hue and shade you can think of as well as patterns ranging from stripes and polka dogs to flowers and graphic prints. You’ll need to take into consideration what you’re wearing over your chemise when selecting a color or pattern if you don’t want to be able to see the chemise through your clothing.