Seamless Stockings Are a Thing

If you’re into wearing sexy stockings, then you might have despaired over the seam that is ofenttimes found in them. Traditional stockings have seams that usually run up the sides of them. While these seams used to be a status symbol back in the day (Back in World War II era, women used to use a permanent marker to draw a seam line up the sides of their legs to make it appear as if they had on stockings if they couldn’t afford them.) nowadays, we usually try to avoid them. There’s nothing more faux paux than wearing a pair of stockings and seeing the seam line sticking out along your toes in the fronts of open-toe shoes.

Fortunately, someone took the iniative to create seamless stockings. The way that seamless stockings are possible is in their unique construction. Unlike traditional stockings, seamless ones don’t have any reinforcement in the waist or toes, and there is no visible seam along the toes.

While the main reason many women wear seamless stockins is for fashion purposes, there are actually some practical purposes for them as well. Those seams in normal stockings can irritate sensitive skin when they shift and rub along the skin throughout the day. With seamless stockings, you won’t have to deal with that. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about constantly checking your stockings to make sure the seam is straight when you wear seamless stockings.

While seamless stockings tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional ones with seams, due to their many benefits, the additional upfront cost pays off when you consider the extended wear that you get from seamless stockings. Seamless stockings are usually higher quality than ones with seams, so you can typically get more wear out of them, which means that the increased upfront cost typically offsets the cost of replacement stockings you’d have to buy in traditional ones.